Three Ford GTs getting loaded up makes for majestic sights and sounds

The Ford GT has a storied race history, its limited production makes them a sight to behold no matter the setting. Last month, visitors to Hagerty’s Traverse City office we lucky enough to see one of each generation on display in our lobby. As the cars left to go back to their respective homes, we got video of each being sent on their way. We hate to see them go, but we enjoyed watching them leave.

If there’s a real star of this Blue Oval trio it’s the Carmen Red GT40 MkI. A promo car for Ford, this wild-looking mid-engined sports car features a plethora of creature-comfort items that the more serious track-oriented GT40s did not utilize. A full interior and less aggressive 289-cubic-inch V-8 made the car much more relatable to the general public compared to the hardcore purpose-built Mk I race cars.

The Mk I might be the only car on wire wheels of the three, but it is also the only one to wear a non-Gulf livery. The 2006 and 2017 models that completed the feature were both Heritage Editions, meaning they received the historic Gulf livery direct from the factory. To see the three lined up is one thing, but hearing them run is a treat we wanted to share with all of you. Grab those headphones and savor the sonorous noise.

Up next in our lobby this month will be a tribute to the Corvette ZR1 in anticipation of the mid-engine Corvette announcement next week. If you are in the Northern Michigan area, be sure to drop by and check out the display.

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