Ford and Chevy pickups are the most popular trucks in the U.S., but there are surprises

It’s a big country out there. So where should you shop for the classic truck you’ve always wanted? Look west … and also east. Bottom line: It depends.

Using Hagerty’s insurance data, we thought we’d determine the most popular classic truck states (those with the most insured trucks), and then take it go one step further by breaking it down by make and average model year.

Predictably, California has more insured collectible trucks than any other state, thanks to a high population of enthusiasts and its enviably dry climate, but it is actually nowhere near the top of the list of states where trucks are the most popular collector vehicle. Trucks are the most popular collector vehicle in Hawaii, Vermont, Alaska, Montana, and Kentucky.

Ford trucks are more popular in New Hampshire, Washington, West Virginia, Utah, and Idaho, and the average model year is 1957. Chevrolet and GMC are the most popular trucks in Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas, Mississippi, and Colorado, and the average model year is 1967. Dodge trucks are particularly popular in Montana, where the model year average is 1963.

Surprises? Toyota is a popular collectible truck in the home of the Big Three—Michigan—with an almost 17-percent share, and the average model year is 1980. Maybe the Mitten’s salted-down, rust-producing snowy winter roads put those older models out of commission long ago. And Toyota trucks are popular in Delaware. Jeeps, meanwhile, are most favored in Vermont, with an almost 12-percent share. The average model year there is 1975.

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