What is your road-trip car of choice?

The type of vehicle you take on a road trip can have a great impact on the type of trip and how enjoyable it is (or isn’t). An original classic is great for a cruise, but an extended drive on the interstate could turn that trip into a real nail biter. In the same way, a modern performance car can turn a trip on a back-road highway into an exercise in self-control to stay under the speed limit and out of trouble.

Air conditioning, adjustable seats, and multi-speed windshield wipers weren’t original equipment on many fun-to-drive older cars. We love the styling and experience of driving vintage designs, but at times the compromise of not having A/C or cruise control can push us to choose a modern car when we need to cover a lot of miles. On the other hand, a modern car typically doesn’t provide the same experience that led us to purchase a vintage car in the first place.

Many of our favorite modern features can be retrofitted to our classic of choice. The trend of Pro-Touring cars has arguably almost gotten out of hand by putting modern technology under vintage sheet metal, but you don’t have to go to that extent to have a great road-trip car.

Tom Cotter's 1939 Ford Woodie Wagon
Jordan Lewis

So we pose the question: What is your ideal road-trip car? Do you prefer a classic with original equipment or do you like a ride with a few upgrades?

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