Does the World Still Need Hershey?


“The antique car part I will buy at the AACA Eastern Division Fall Meet this year will be carefully examined by me and I will be sure of its condition and correctness. The car I may wish to buy will be available for hours of inspection and friends who are with me may give me much needed advice. All important, but hardly what Hershey is about! Hershey is about friendships and camaraderie! Hershey is about 200,000-plus car nuts from many countries talking about one common denominator … cars! Hershey is about swapping stories, chasing the elusive part, seeing incredibly rare cars and eating way too much junk food. Hershey is not about pressing a keyboard button.”
 – by Steve Moskowitz, AACA executive director

“Nothing will ever rival the experience of going to Hershey. Yet, I accept that the relevance of Hershey is being diminished by three major factors: the rise of the Internet, changing demographics and economics. Flea market vendors will tell you that much of their business has already shifted to the Internet. Also, many young people today no longer see cars as a coveted personal statement, just an appliance. This generation is now showing less interest in the hobby than their predecessors. Finally, the ever-increasing cost of travel is affecting shoppers and vendors. I believe the writing is on wall: Hershey will change in size, scope and, inevitably, relevance in the coming decades.”
 – by Jed Rapoport, freelance writer and longtime Hershey attendee

To see this article in its original format, view the pdf version of the Fall 2007 issue of Hagerty magazine.

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