Shelby-Dodge union produced the Viper

After several years of laying low, or at least as low as Carroll Shelby could ever lie, the irrepressible Texan was back with Lee Iacocca and the Chrysler Corporation, and believe it or not the basis was the ubiquitous K-Car.

The models resulting from the collaboration were a series of Shelby-ized Omni and Charger GLH (“Goes Like Hell”) and GLH-S (“Goes Like Hell Somemore”) cars from 1983-1987. And also the 1987-1989 Shelby Shadow CSX, CSX-T (for Thrifty rental car!), and CSX-VNT cars, along with the one-year only 1987 Shelby Lancer four door and the 1989 Shelby Dakota pickup truck.

But perhaps the most visible result of the Shelby-Dodge union was Carroll Shelby’s input in the Dodge Viper project. Shelby is one of the so-called Viper “Four Fathers” who worked together to build this modern day Cobra, released in 1992.

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