Shelby, Camaro and Challenger, Oh My

When asked in last month’s poll which car you would choose from the North American International Auto Show, the results bounced throughout the month. However, the winner is the Shelby GT 500 – at 41 percent. The Dodge Challenger came in second at 31 percent, with the Camaro in third at 24 percent. The top two contenders duked it out but the Shelby came out on top.

Some folks commented further:

“I’ve wanted a Shelby my entire adult life… I might even be able to afford this one!”

“The Camaro looks a little like a Mustang. The Challenger looks Sa-Weeet!”

“Come on! it is a Shelby GT 500! I would love to feel the rumble of a NEW Shelby under my seat.”

“Great retro looks, great engineering, great performance and it is a Mustang! The 2007 GT 500 looks like a car that would ride like it was on rails.”

In the Other category, 4 percent voted that they would prefer something other than a muscle car remake. Those included were the 2007 Jaguar XK convertible, a few votes for the Chrysler Imperial, the Corvette Z06, and the Lincoln MK 9.

Don’t forget to take this month’s poll asking, “What retro icon would you want back today?”

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