Question of the week: Seat time with your Valentine

As long as automobiles have been around, they’ve been there to facilitate romance, taking us to places and forging experiences that we remember. Whether you’ve participated in Hagerty’s marriage vow renewal in a classic car, or if you have fond memories of a drive-in theater where you first embraced your beau, a car is often part of the story.

Then again, sometimes a car can make a relationship stall out. In my case, in the early stages of a former romance, I picked up my date for a night on the town in my Corvair. As we left the driveway, I stepped on the clutch pedal and it went straight to the floor—with zero disengagement from the pressure plate. Thinking it would be impressive, I drove the rest of the night starting the poor Corvair in gear at each stop light and syncro-matching the four-speed through the gears.

Years later, our cross paths again (the woman, not the Corvair). She revealed that it had been one of the weirdest car rides she’d ever taken. She had no idea anything was wrong with the car, and couldn’t figure out why I was driving so erratically.

So on this Valentine’s Day, we want to hear from you about how cars have brought you and your Valentine closer together or farther apart.

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