Photo Gallery: Salvage yard finds

Photographer Brewster Moseley has an unusual mission: find and document beauty where most people would see only decay and decrepitude. He has photographed stained glass windows and artistic architectural details in dilapidated 19th century buildings. And, as you can see, he also finds interesting abstract designs in rusting, vintage trucks and automobiles, spending many hours scouring auto salvage yards in Montana and Idaho.

One day, while photographing Victorian brothels in Butte, Montana, Moseley saw and admired an old REO Speed Wagon. He began looking for other rusting vehicles and found several auto junkyards nearby. Shooting the old hood ornaments, abstract designs made by rusting paint and, in some cases, mangled metal, was rewarding. Here were beautiful designs in places few would imagine that beauty could be found. And the opportunity to record and share these designs through publication has become the focus of Moseley’s professional career. See more from Moseley at

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