Losses And Lessons: ‘Can I give you a lift?’

Accidents happen. That’s why we work to ensure that our clients’ prized vessels are properly covered should disaster strike.

With record-low water levels being reported throughout much of the Great Lakes region, it’s safe to assume that Hagerty Marine will see an uptick in the number of “submerged object collision” claims filed this summer. However, it isn’t only rocks and shoals that pose a threat. Low water levels have left many boat launches high and dry, which can cause boaters to take drastic measures when attempting to launch or haul their boats.
An example of this occurred recently when a Hagerty policyholder attempted to pull his sailboat out for the season and discovered that he could no longer float it onto his trailer at the launch site. Being an industrious fellow, the policyholder noticed a nearby front-end loader and enlisted the operator’s help in raising the boat out of the water with a few large tow straps. Unfortunately, while tow straps are great for tying things down, they aren’t nearly as good at lifting things up. As the boat was being raised out of the water, one of the straps snapped, sending the boat crashing to the ground below.

While Hagerty paid for the damage to the vessel (minus the applicable deductible), this type of loss exemplifies what can happen when an unexpected change in lake conditions causes an otherwise experienced boater to make a rash decision. No one wants to experience the feeling of having their boat stranded in the water, but being smart and playing it safe – and using proper equipment – will make for fewer headaches in the long term.

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