Ready for Your Dream Collection?

Jay Leno has the collection most coveted by respondents, with 74 percent of the vote. His mansion-size “Big Dog” garage is 17,000 sq. ft., with a quarter of that space just for the machine shop, and a gourmet kitchen where Jay actually cooks for guests, his website states the garage can hold a dozen cars being worked on. Of course, he’s got a team of mechanics working on his cars! He’s known for his love of the Duesenberg – (he has a ’29 Chassis, ’27 Model X and a ’32 Model J) – but the vast collection spans decades from a Stanley Steamer to a one-of-a-kind jet bike. Visit to see the representation.

With just 13 percent wanting his collection, a far cry from Leno’s followers, Steve McQueen came in second – most likely for those with a love for the high-performance engines. In the movie Bullitt, McQueen raced around the streets of San Francisco in a ’68 Mustang GT 390 fastback. Other movies included a Porsche 917K and ’69 Porsche 911S Coupe in Le Mans and a dune buggy in The Thomas Crown Affair. Personal vehicles consisted of a ’61 Austin Mini Cooper S, ’69 Shelby Cobra 289 Roadster and a ’56 Jaguar XKSS. See for more.

Billy Gibbons’ collection came in at 7 percent. The ZZ Top guitarist has a penchant for customized rides – his 1946 Cadillac CadZZilla has been featured at Henry Ford Museum in Detroit. He also sports a ‘50 Ford business coupe “Kopperhead,” a lowered ‘62 Chevy Impala ‘Slampala’ and the 1965 Chevy Impala convertible “El Dorado Bar.” Billy also calls many custom Harley Davidson motorcycles his own, with names like Hogzilla and ZZ Funk 1.

Ralph Lauren and Alice Cooper came in last at 4 and 3 percent respectively. While Lauren’s collection seems to cross countries, Cooper’s quest for speed gets him into fast rides.

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