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Steve Haas’ article, “Your Computer Might be Your Best Tool” in the spring issue of Hagerty’s magazine featured some of the best automotive websites. We invited you to tell us about your own favorites, and many of you wrote in. Leading the list — thanks to a dozen well-organized fans — was

International MG Y Type Register 
“This is the best website supporting any model of the MG Marque. Although the MG Y Type is one of the lesser-known models, the wealth of knowledge, items of interest, reprinted articles, technical support, links and enthusiasm generated by the contributors is without equal.”

“I have been viewing the above website for some time and can recommend it wholeheartedly. It completely represents the MG Y Type and is being updated and revised daily as new information becomes available. It would be a great asset to your website.”

“This must be one of the best single model classic car websites there is. It contains information/help on just about every aspect of MG Y type ownership that one could think of.”

“The MG Y website would have to be one of, if not the best, websites that I have ever visited. Now that I own an MG Y myself, it is even better as there is so much information available on it regarding my car.”

“It is one-stop shopping for all things and information on the MG Y Types. Anything one can think of or encounter is on the website. If not, tell the webmaster and it will be there tomorrow. A similarly great website is As a result of these two great resources, I now own 3 of each of these MG types.”

Hall Of Fame Legends Series
“I’d like to suggest to you what’s become the “hottest” Site for Rod & Custom fans/owners/builders/artists. It’s “The Hall Of Fame Legends Series” which documents the oral histories of the pioneers of the rod and custom industry.”

Hemmings Blog 
“Everything the post is fabulously well-researched.”

This site offers humor about vehicular stuff – and lots of it! Terrific!

Street Machine
Awesome site about Australian street machines and dragsters. 
The site is a repository for a daily car facts and trivia, and also features a car of the day. This selection is usually very eclectic, ranging from the usual top-end Ferraris/Porsche to just interesting stuff. Overall this is a very good site for hobbyist or anyone with an interest in cars and vintage cars in general.

We also thought we’d survey some died-in-the-wool car guys (and one tractor guy) here at Hagerty for their own thoughts.

Jayson Allen, Digital Marketing Senior Manager

  1. This car blog site is more car culture editorial than straight car news and headlines. It is irreverent and edgy and covers a broad range of topics/categories. I like it as a daily feed and often hear things for the first time via They have interesting stunts/challenges and they’ve embraced the modern Internet as a social/viral medium – helping create the next meme or propagating existing ones.
  2. AutoBlog: This blog is more news-like but still edgy. They offer a lot more in the way of headlines, reviews and commentary on the auto market. Great photos and coverage of all makes from concept to launch and beyond.

Glenn Arlt, Concierge

  1. I periodically check Jalopnik for the simple reason that they have auto news of the most unusual sort (including old cars) and it’s “fun.” I often get a good laugh out of some of the antics people get into, as well as getting to see some of the automotive oddities out there. You might even find something as amusing as this on good ole’ Jalop.
  2. The Truth About Cars: I particularly like the “curbside classic” series. Here’s one about the “Kennedy era Lincolns.”
  3. The Temple of Joe: I really like Joe Sherlock’s site. It includes a section showing off his 1939 Plymouth street rod, and his blog offers his thoughts on the auto industry, among other things. He has written articles about the automobile business, automotive history, car design, car drawings and various car marques. For example, he did an article about the year of my birth.
  4. The Studebaker Drivers Club Inc.: Being a Studebaker fan, I also enjoy The Studebaker Drivers Club Inc. You’ll find interesting stories about a time when things were much slower (unless you happened to be racing a then-new 1962 Plymouth Fury big block and blowing their doors off over 100s of miles in a stock 289 cubic in 1957 Studebaker Silver Hawk, that is…)

Rob Bennett, Trainer

  1. Being an owner of a 1966 Ford Mustang and a member of the Mustang Club of America, I like to see what is going on with other Mustang owners around the country and different events.
  2. The Classic Mustang Technical Site: This site is very helpful for Mustang owners. It contains information on club links, research, accessories and maintenance, how to decode and identify tags and parts, and technical links.
  3. Amphicar sites: Although I don’t own one, I became a fan of Amphicars and declared myself an Amphicar specialist! There are a couple of really good Web sites for Amphicars: The International Amphicar Owners Club is a great site of event information, technical and general or specific information on the Amphicar. The Amphicar Lovers Digest is a great place for Amphicar owners to communicate with one another.

Bob DeKorne, Client Resource Manager

  1. This site is a favorite for a slightly different take on the car news of the world – a little irreverent, sometimes funny, but still not just a comedy site
  2. The 24 Hours of LeMons: Talk about irreverent – this is the “who cares” site of all sites –low tech, willfully crazy, and obviously enthusiastic gearheads race colorful older cars that can only cost $500 or less. What’s not to like?
  3. The American Hot Rod Foundation: This site contains the history of hot rodding through vintage photos and interviews with the legends of the golden era of traditional hot rodding. No billet parts here, no fiberglass – heck, usually no budget. Just a ton of imagination, fabrication and traditional speed tricks.
  4. Not newsy or an exciting read, but full of facts, lists and a community feel.
  5. I like the clean layout, there are always interesting cars for sale, and they send out a great e-newsletter occasionally, too.

Paul Stebleton, Licensed Sales Agent (and tractor guru)

  1. Antique Farming: This site is eye-appealing and features some great photos and original illustrations. The site is well researched and features stories on the history of the tractor and specific makes and models. Most importantly the site has doubled in size over the past couple of years.
  2. Yesterday’s Tractor Co.: I recommend this site for anyone looking for shows or parts. The site is not the fanciest, but it’s user-friendly and has a ton of information. It is a sort of Wikipedia for tractor collectors.
  3. This is my favorite site. Not only is it eye-catching and informative, you can treat (most of) the information here as fact. For the novice or the advanced collector, there is something here for everyone.
  4. Smokstak: This is an online bulletin board that lets you ask questions and get a range of answers. Like a Facebook for tractor guys and gals, it can be a great resource for the obscure answers you may be looking for.
  5. Aumann Auctions: If you’re looking for a value on a rare tractor, search the results of this truly amazing site. Aumann Auctions is one of the finest auction houses in the country, and they post all their results online – including parts and toys.

Paul’s also got some great sites for specific tractor makes.

Justin Warnes, Interactive Designer

  1. The site is updated enough for a steady stream of car-joy throughout the day and the comments are usually pretty fun to read. I would also consider them the official 24 Hours of Lemons press corps.
  2. AutoBlog: A little more refined than Jalopnik, with easy to use navigation that will allow you to sort by specific make, model, or year.
  3. Ridelust: They do a pretty good job of running cleanup. They have a nice classic car section, too.
  4. This site is like AutoTrailer Classics, and it’s a good place to start searching for auto values.
  5. This is a great spot to find great car related LOLs. Try filtering only videos.
  6. NY Times Wheels Blog: A good blog of great stories.


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