Introducing Hagerty magazine

I’d Rather Be Driving.

You see it on bumper stickers: “I’d rather be sailing.” “I’d rather be golfing.”

Well, I’m lucky – I’d rather be doing exactly what I do. Not everyone can make a living satisfying his or her passion, but because you’re reading Hagerty magazine, you share my passion for fine collectible cars. We love thinking about our cars, working on them, driving them. One good test of a life well lived is knowing what makes you happy, and by that standard, we in the car hobby are blessed. Nothing makes us happier than a fine drive on a sunny afternoon.

So what could be better than a brand-new magazine devoted to our hobby?

Nothing. Starting right now – Volume 1, Number 1 – we’ll produce the most well-informed, user-friendly and entertaining collector-car publication we can. We’ll admire the great collections, answer the tough restoration questions and prove what you already knew:When talking about wonderful cars, “Too much is never enough.”

We welcome everything – Curved Dash Olds to British Racing Green Lotus Elite, full-load ’32 highboy to ’58 Testa Rossa and snorting Hemi Charger. Hagerty’s is your magazine – please pass it on to all your collector-car friends. It’s our way to give back to the hobby we all love. In Hagerty’s, we won’t talk at you – we’ll be talking with you. If you have a concern or a great idea, or if you need good advice, tell us. Hagerty’s is a problem-solver, a “service station” for lovers of great cars, making the hobby even more welcoming and satisfying.

So … looking for a Hispano-Suiza fuel pump?

Need a Studebaker radio? Shoot us an e-mail at and we’ll ask around.  Meanwhile, come on in. Have a coffee. We’ve got things to talk about.
To see this article in its original format, view the pdf version of the Spring 2006 issue of Hagerty magazine.

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