Porsche vs. Ferrari – which does your town prefer?

Do you live in a Ferrari town or a Porsche town? Naturally, Hagerty insures a lot more Porsches than Ferraris simply because Porsche has produced a lot more cars, but if we look at which cities are home to a larger share of their respective nationwide totals, some cities show a preference of one make over another. So while you may feel like you live in Porscheburg, another town down the interstate may feel more like Terra del Ferrari.

Looking at the top 200 cities by population and mapping those areas by their preference of Porsche or Ferrari reveals some unexpected patterns. In the Northeast, New York City favors Porsche, but head northeast on Interstate 95 towards Boston and you’re in Ferrari territory.

Down south in Atlanta, which is the home of Porsche North America, people support the home team. The further south you go in Florida toward Miami Vice country and its flashier tastes, the more likely it is that you will see Italy’s prancing horse.

As for the Upper Midwest, Chicago and Minneapolis both represent big groups of Porsche fans, but further east, Detroit and Cleveland go in for Ferrari.

Texans love their Ferraris. Even though Californians have a famous Ferrari named after their state, most of the Los Angeles area and the San Francisco Bay Area favor Porsches. Nevada, meanwhile, places their bets on Porsche. In the Pacific Northwest. Portland and Porsche go together, but the Seattle area favors Ferrari.

The mountain states – Denver and Salt Lake City – show unusual north-south splits. In Colorado, the Porsche fans are in Denver and go north, but the Ferrari fans are in Colorado Springs and go south. The reverse is true in Utah, with Ferrari fans north of Salt Lake City and Porsche fans south towards Provo.

Before we forget about Alaska and Hawaii, both Anchorage and Honolulu favor Ferrari.

Regarding value, among the top 10 cities, New York City area residents may own a larger share of Porsches insured by Hagerty, but it is also home to the most valuable Ferraris, with an average value of $791,443. In a similar reversal, residents of the Seattle area own a larger share of Ferraris, but it has the most valuable Porsches with an average value of $77,202. As for which of the top 10 have the most affordable Porsches and Ferraris, Atlanta has the most accessible Porsches with an average value of $53,265, and Miami has the most accessible Ferraris with an average value of $192,297.

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