Here’s your chance to score a Barris-owned Batmobile

For anyone who has ever wanted to watch the BatScanner, deploy the BatChute, or execute an emergency BatTurn, RM Sotheby’s upcoming spring auction, May 10–12 in Auburn, Indiana, offers up one of the best opportunities to own a real Batmobile. This particular Batmobile was built by Jim Sermersheim in 1966 on a Ford Thunderbird chassis. Not one of the original Batmobiles built by the late George Barris, it was so well-done that Barris acquired it himself and recognized it as Batmobile #5.

Since its construction, this Batmobile’s ownership has been well-documented. Besides Barris, it has had three previous owners, and after its restoration 25 years ago it has mostly been in storage.

The high-water mark for movie and TV cars, the original Barris Batmobile sold for $4.62 million at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale in 2013. Later copies that aren’t as true to the original have even sold in the six-figure range. This car was up for auction last year and was a no-sale at $210,000.

1966 Batmobile Recreation "#5" wheel detail
RM Sotheby's
1966 Batmobile Recreation "#5" profile
RM Sotheby's

Bat Phone
RM Sotheby's
1966 Batmobile Recreation Detect-A-Scope
RM Sotheby's

“Since this and other Batmobiles have come onto the market over the past few years, the presale estimate for Auburn seems a little ambitious, but not excessive.” says Hagerty valuation specialist Andrew Newton.

With a great story, documentation, and pedigree, this could really make for a great collectible—and at a bargain price compared to Batmobile #1.

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