One million smiles since 1989: Mazda’s one-millionth Miata

Nothing beats driving my Mazdaspeed Miata on a warm day, top down, around winding roads during a sunset — nothing. The power, the view and the wind blowing through my hair teamed with smells of 93 octane and fresh air shift all of my daily stress to the back of my mind, nearly forgotten. With its fully independent front and rear suspension, every bump in the road is evident and communicated, but that is how I like it, and Mazda knows me well.

On April 24, 2016, Mazda Motor Corporation announced that the one-millionth Miata had rolled off of the production line on April 22: A milestone figure that took 27 years to achieve. The affordable, lightweight sports car has fans in every country, age group and demographic. For some, such as myself, it was an introductory into the car hobby as a whole. It’s a life-changer that brings smiles to drivers’ and onlookers’ faces, and on every drive, at every corner, the car smiles right along with them. On behalf of all Miata enthusiasts: Thank you Mazda, for bringing spirited drivers along for the ride.

Mazda’s tireless pursuit of driving pleasure resulted in four generations of Miata: the NA (1989-1997), the NB (1998-2005), the NC (2005-2015) and the most recent display of modern sports car flair, the ND (2016-present). Over this time, the Miata has earned over 200 awards, most recently the 2015-2016 Car of the Year in Japan, the World Car of the Year and World Car Design of the Year 2016. The MX-5 has held the Guinness World Record for the best-selling open-top two-seater sports car for many years. Beginning on May 3 at the Hiroshima Flower Festival, to thank its fans and owners, Mazda will be displaying the one-millionth MX-5 at events throughout the world.

When driving a Miata, top-down is the only way to go. Animated waves and thumbs-up from passersby push my pride to a roaring high. My grin becomes wider with each tight corner, and just when I think we might lose grip, she hugs the road more firmly, turning as if on rails — her smile matching mine. In a Miata, the driver and car become one, and Mazda plans to make that feeling last for many years to come. Here’s to the next million.

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