We wish this were an April Fool’s Day joke

Seriously, is this someone’s expensive prank? We prayed it was only a Photoshop special. But it’s not. A call confirmed it. This “1939” Mercury convertible was wedded, tragically, to a mid-‘90s Chevy Lumina. The Chevy’s 3.8 L V-6 and the car world’s tears provide motivation. It also sports custom chrome rims, because why not?

The worst part of this car, and the idea that we can’t quite overcome, is that someone spent a lot of time, money and effort to build it. More shocking is that they managed to sell it to a dealership. And even more astoundingly, the dealership wants nearly $48,000 for it!

Found on Hemmings.com, it gets stranger: It is supposedly fitted with a marine vinyl interior (for what?). Also, it’s “Nicely optioned with lots of personal comforts… [and] is easy and fun to drive.” Talk about a silver lining.

We love ’39 Mercury Coupe Convertibles. And let’s just say that the mid-‘90s weren’t GM’s pinnacle, but the Lumina isn’t garbage. But why do this? It makes some sense to modify an older vehicle for comfort.

But this cut-and-paste MerMina proves that you should consult a professional designer before proceeding. Designers aren’t cheap, but neither is this abomination. And apparently, this car has been listed for a while (one of our employees recognized it). Its only redeeming value is that it is outside the U.S. (sorry, Canada).

Just, how?

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