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We have an all-new comment system and forum here on the Hagerty website, part of the recent redesign of our Articles and Videos pages. And we’re asking you to help make it the best automotive community on the internet.
We can’t do this without your support. More and more people posting and sharing in our forums means more of our fellow gearheads helping each other out.
So, how do you join? Head to forums.hagerty.com and click on the Log In link in the upper right corner.  If you already have a Hagerty.com login for your insurance, you will use the same email address and password. For a new account, click on the Create Account link.
Once you’re logged in you can comment on articles and reply to other people’s comments and questions. To start a discussion with a new post, click on the New Topic button on the upper right. When writing replies, it’s a good idea to use the @ symbol followed by a user name—that makes your message more clear and lets the other person know you’ve written something.
Give our forums a try, and let us know in the Help and Feedback section or the comments below if you need any help or have any suggestions for improvements. Thanks for reading, joining, and helping the Hagerty website grow. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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    64 thunderbird no dash lights had dash out checked all wiring put back in still no lights could it be the ground.

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