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One of the great things about America is that we all have the right to voice our opinions. Of course, some of those opinions are voiced a little louder, a bit more gruffly than others. But hey, we can appreciate the passion. And if there’s one thing Americans are passionate about, it’s cars.

To celebrate the 4th of July, we asked our Facebook community this firecracker of a question: “What’s the most American car of all time?” Did we mean the most historically significant American car? The most iconic American car? The car that best represents the USA to the rest of the world? Yes, yes, and yes. Interpret the question however you wish, people. This is America! [With that said, we’re not sure how this turned into a Ford vs. Chevy thing, but just about every car debate seems to find its way there eventually, so let’s roll with it.]

So what say you, Juan Carlos? “The (1908–27 Ford) Model T. If you think about its history, being the spark of the Industrial Revolution, no other car comes close.” Bill Swiss agrees. “The Model T put America on the road, and it began to change our way of life for the better.” Simply put, Nathan Calvert wrote, the Model T “paved the way for all the rest.”

An open and shut case? No chance. “I get it with the Model T,” Tim Geurden wrote. “But the heartbeat of America is a Chevy!” Tim had plenty of supporters. In fact, more people nominated the 1957 Chevrolet—the Bel Air, in particular—than any other car. They weren’t all Chevy diehards, either. “Hate to admit it, being a Ford man,” Thomas Kitchen wrote, “but the 1957 Chevy is recognized around the world as the iconic all-American car.” John Rivinius admitted the same. “I’m a Mopar guy, but the most American car is probably a ’57 Chevy.”

Of course, it wasn’t long before Ford vs. Chevy evolved into Mustang vs. Corvette. “I’ll take the classic 1965 Mustang—six cylinder, automatic—the car that was customizable, affordable, and American made,” Paul Sawyer wrote. Support and rebuttal came in almost equal measure. Jack Dingman ultimately picked the Corvette after first considering the 1948 Tucker, which he called “way ahead of its time.”

Thom Mellema offered a different perspective. “I could get on board with several of the cars listed, but the question could probably be answered from two perspectives, what America thinks vs. what the rest of the world thinks. And the Jeep Wrangler is the most recognized American car around the world.” Bill Palladino agreed, posting a photo of a U.S. military Jeep along with the words, “Any Willys.”

Kris Keller and Orion Bennett also found themselves on the same side. Kris wrote, “There’s nothing more American than a pickup,” and Orion posted a photo of his red, white, and blue 1966 Dodge A100, noting that trucks are “the epitome of America.”

Nick DeRitis cleverly nominated the Pontiac Trans Am. “It has Am-erica right in its name.” And Gordy Miller answered the question literally: “The most American car is the Rambler American.”

Then there’s Paul Martin, who nominated his own car, a patriotically painted 1957 Nash Metropolitan with a Boston Red Sox baseball theme. [Need we remind you that baseball is America’s national pastime?] Since the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry is baseball’s version of Ford vs. Chevy, it’s important to note that Paul saved the car from a New Yorker who wanted to crush it. God Bless America!

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