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I recently experienced an under-hood fire on one of my ‘ 81 Mercedes 500 SLC’s. The fire started when I was at the front gate of my property and I had to run 50 yards to my garage for a fire extinguisher. If I had a fire extinguisher in the trunk of the car, the damage would have been a good bit less.

After this experience, all of my cars now have a working fire extinguisher in the trunk of each car.

Please urge your clients to carry fire protection…
Editor’s Note: A Hagerty employee ran into a gentleman at the R.M. auction at Hershey who had this story to share:

The gentleman’s barn – with over 20 cars inside – caught fire, so he called 911 from his cell phone. Because of the tower that picked up his call, his request ended up being sent to a fire dept over 50 miles away. As a result, much time was lost before help arrived and his garage burned to the ground. His rather emphatic point was was: Always load the phone numbers of your local law enforcement and emergency personnel into your cell phone. That way you can make sure to contact the closest help available.

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