LEGO creates a 1-million-piece Bugatti Chiron you can actually drive

LEGO has done it again… while turning the volume up to 18. If you thought LEGO’s Technic line was complicated, the Danish-based toy company has taken things to a whole new level by building a full-size, drivable Bugatti Chiron out of the thier plastic bricks… more than 1 million of them.

The first fully-functional, full-size, self-propelled LEGO car required 339 different types of LEGO Technic elements, utilized 4032 LEGO Technic gear wheels and 2016 LEGO Technic cross axles, weighs 3307 pounds, and is powered by 2304 tiny LEGO motors. LEGO engineers say the Chiron has a “theoretical performance” of 5.3 horsepower and 68 lb-ft of torque.

The car required 13,438 hours of development and construction, and it was built at the company’s factory in Klando, Czech Republic, where all of its larger models are created. LEGO officials say not one bit of glue was used. The car was unveiled at the Grand Prix Formula 1 event today in Monza, Italy.

The outer shell of the LEGO Chiron is built of interconnected triangular segments. Technic pieces were also utilized in the interior, including seats, dashboard, brake pedal, and even a detachable steering wheel.

While the LEGO Chiron impressively mirrors the shape and color combination of an actual Bugatti Chiron, the two aren’t in the same performance neighborhood. An authentic Chiron can bury the speedometer to 261 mph, while the LEGO Chiron maxes out its back of motors at 18 mph.

The LEGO car was tested at Germany’s Ehra Lessien proving ground, with accomplished race car driver and Bugatti test pilot Andy Wallace putting it through its paces. Wallace wore full protective gear, just in case, regardless of the car’s modest top speed.

Hey, as every bare-footed parent who has ever discovered a stray LEGO on floor can attest, LEGOs will cut you up.


Editor’s note: If you don’t have the money, skills, or man power to build a full-size LEGO Chiron, LEGO offers a smaller-scale model in its Technic line.


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