Left vs. Right: A guide to who drives where

Today, most countries drive on the right, led by all of North America, mainland Western Europe, all but two South American countries and well over half of Africa. Of those countries that still use a left-hand traffic pattern, with the exception of Japan, the most notable are former British Colonies, including Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Zimbawe, South Africa  and, of course, Great Britain and Ireland.

It is surprising that two countries in South America, Guyana and Suriname, still drive on the left. One would almost expect Gibralter, which remains a British colony, to drive on the left, but considering that it is minuscule and all access is through Spain, a left-hand traffic pattern would be incredibly confusing to many drivers.

Click here for a map of right-hand drive countries vs. left-hand drive countries.

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