Watch Jay Leno get schooled on ‘80s Land Cruisers

The latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage brings three ‘80s SUVs into the garage. SUVs have been getting a lot of attention in the market lately and the Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the most desirable of the vintage, go-anywhere four-wheel-drive crowd.

Brian Corsetti is a man of a dozen Land Cruisers, but he chose just three to bring with him to discuss with Jay. Specializing in 1981 to 1990 models, the first FJ60 they take on is from 1987. The boxy sheet metal and round headlights certainly date the SUV, but the four-speed manual and carbureted engine are even more antiquated than you might guess. Top speed is just 65 mph.

Out on the road, Jay gets in the driver’s seat of the 1988 FJ62 model. The 155-horsepower fuel-injected engine paired with a four-speed automatic move the 4200-pound SUV in a way that’s perfectly fitting for a truck of its era. Jay comments that despite the low power and hefty weight, it ”goes alright. It’s not bad.”

If you’re at all a fan of the FJ or just love a good off-road survivor, make sure to check this one out. Jay learned a few things, and so did we, so it’s worth diving into. And if you already have dozen FJs, you might like to know that Jay Leno likes your taste.

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