Jay Leno and Dave Kunz bond over a 1977 Ford Bronco

On the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, Jay saddles up for a ride in a Bronco. Dave Kunz drops by the garage with his beautiful 1977 Ford Bronco to talk the ins-and-outs of Ford’s early SUV.

Dave Kunz is a Ford guy through and through, as we have found out before when we talked with him about driving his Mustang. His 1977 Bronco is a fairly stock, highly optioned, and great looking.

Talking Bronco lore, Dave and Jay highlight that Ford raided the parts bin in early production with door handles from the Mustang, speedometer from a 1965 F100, and four-wheel-drive components from the Blue Oval’s truck lineup. Even the seats came from the passenger line.

Under the hood sits a 302 cubic-inch V-8, complete with the original emissions equipment.  The Bronco was, luckily, designed to be minimalist and reasonably lightweight, because the V-8 was only rated for 133 horsepower. A three-speed automatic handles shifting duties, and a two-speed transfer case distributes power to all four wheels at the driver’s whim.

While out for a drive, the two car guys talk about the constant tease that Ford has been leading about bringing the Bronco nameplate back. While nothing is confirmed, it sure seems like both of them (and us) are hoping for Ford to bring back the vintage feel and boxy look. For now, it seems like the best move is to enjoy driving the classic ones. Looks like Dave is one step ahead of us there.

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