Instagram Jump Start: There’s no other quite like a Tucker

There are plenty of “sure things” on Instagram. Sunsets, babies, and puppies, to name a few. And, of course, classic cars. It seems no matter how many times we post images of Mustangs, Corvettes, 300SL Gullwings, Ferraris, and DeLoreans (yes, DeLoreans) people want more.

The Tucker is also a certified member of that exclusive club. The one-year wonder is instantly recognizable and rare, and it comes with a great story (and movie) to boot. Let’s just say that posting a photo of a Tucker 48 is like fishing in a barrel … with a net.

Jump start your week by checking out the five most-liked posts on HagertyClassicCars:

  1. 1948 Tucker 48 (1,593 likes) — The Tucker 48’s engine was mounted in the rear, giving the car a wholly unique fastback appearance. Penned by Alex S. Tremulis of Auburn/Cord/Duesenberg fame, the car also had a distinct, swiveling center-mounted headlight that ensured no one would mistake the Tucker for anything else on the road. Other advanced features included four-wheel disc brakes, all-independent suspension, a pop-out windshield, and padded dashboard. Photograph by @trahanphoto.
    1948 Tucker 48

  2. 1954 Darrin (1,441 likes) — The 1954 Kaiser Darrin 161 was a competitor to Chevrolet’s new Corvette of 1953. Designed by Howard “Dutch” Darrin, the fiberglass-bodied, two-door convertible rode on the compact chassis of the Henry J. Photograph by @trahanphoto.
    1954 Kaiser Darrin 161

  3. 1972 Volvo 1800 ES (1,421 likes) — Produced for only two years, the 1972-73 Volvo 1800 ES is the wagon variant of Volvo’s popular P1800 two-seat sports car. A notable feature on the ES is its all-glass, frameless tailgate. Sadly, only 8,077 examples of the car were produced before stricter U.S. safety and emissions standards left it behind. Photograph by @roephoto_5.
    1972 Volvo 1800 ES

  4. Hudson Hornet/Chrysler 300 (1,150 likes) — Styling changed considerably in the years separating the Hudson Hornet (right) and Chrysler 300, but they look right at home in neighboring garage stalls. What does your dream garage look like?
    Hudson Hornet and Chrysler 300

  5. 1939 Ford (1,050 likes) — Running moonshine in a ’39 Ford. Photo by @evankleinfilms.
    1939 Ford

Best of the Rest — Speed is relative and, as @ijsap appropriately suggested in his photo of an Austin 7 race car “speeding” away from his camera lens, “Why drive fast when you can drive tastefully?” It’s true, we don’t believe the Austin driver has to worry about losing control and hitting the hay bales on the side of the track. But we can’t control our love for the car or this photo. It’s our favorite Instagram post of the week. Austin 7 race car

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