LOSSES AND LESSONS: Holy hull – Broken plank punctures 1956 Chris-Craft Continental

Accidents happen. That’s why we work to ensure that our clients’ prized vessels are properly covered should disaster strike.

BOAT: 1956 26-foot Chris-Craft Continental

WHAT WENT WRONG: The smallest detail, if overlooked, can cause big damage to your boat. The owner of a 1956 Chris-Craft Continental pulled into the slip alongside his dock. The shore station was an older model, and its V-shaped cradle featured wooden planks covered in carpet. When the owner began to hoist his boat, one of the planks – which had rotted over time – broke and punctured the hull.

DAMAGE/LOSS: Damage to the wooden Chris-Craft’s hull was significant, requiring $3,907.46 to repair the hole, as well as a number of chips and cracks. The bill (minus deductible) was paid by Hagerty.

LESSON: Regularly test the sturdiness of your shore station and pay close attention to any wooden components, which will naturally rot after years of use. Better yet, replace wooden planks with aluminum.

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