Holiday Gift Ideas(2)

Gearhead Dream Trip

A trip to Scottsdale, Arizona; Monterey, California; or Hershey, Pennsylvania during their respective collector car festivities will bring a smile to any collector’s face. If you’re feeling really adventurous, why not take your favorite car buff to the UK for the Goodwood Revival?


Automobilia is the perfect gift for someone who lives and breathes cars! Mascots, automotive art, petroliana, license plates all make wonderful, unique gifts.

Handheld GPS System

The latest generation of handheld GPS units can be moved from car to car, have color displays and voice prompts for directions. Best of all, they are  affordable. Help your car lover keep his bearings on his next tour.

LED Headlamp

A powerful LED lamp, worn on a headband, will let you keep your hands free if you have to do minor repairs under the hood in the dark. Keep one in your emergency kit or glovebox.

Digital Camera

This is the best way to document restorations, record your participation in events and update your insurance records when you improve your car. Look for one that takes good pictures in low light.


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