Hagerty Reach-A-Rep Letter

Every year, legislation is introduced that can change the way we enjoy our collector vehicles. Oftentimes, that’s because legislators have been distanced from the collector car hobby and don’t understand what makes it unique. That is why Hagerty Plus is proud to sponsor the new Reach-A-Rep Contest…with a chance to win a pop-up tent customized with your club logo!

Regardless of your political affiliations or opinions, it’s important to reach out to representatives in government and offer them a personal connection to collector car owners. Your relationship could mean the difference between legislation that’s pro-hobby and legislation that’s restrictive to enthusiasts. Just follow these three easy steps to get involved:

  1. Sign up by e-mailing advocacy@hagerty.com with your club name and a contact name and number. You can also call us at 888-310-8020 option #6.
  2. Invite any decision maker, from a city planner to a federal congressman, to an upcoming hobby event.

    Don’t know what event to invite your representative to? Try offering him or her the opportunity to:

      Not sure who represents you – or how to contact them?

        Hagerty has made the process even easier by creating a letter template that you can customize to send to your representative. Just visit Hagerty’s Reach-A-Rep Example Letter and send it to your chosen decision-maker.

      • Be an honorary judge or special guest at a regional car show
      • Join you at one of your club meetings
      • Be chauffeured in your classic at a local parade
      • Visit www.congress.org for a list of names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses.   
      • Send us a picture and a brief story of your representative attending your event to advocacy@hagerty.com, or mail to:

        Hagerty Plus
        Legislative Advocacy
        P.O. Box 87
        Traverse City, MI 49685

      It’s as easy as that! Building a relationship with your representative is a simple way your club can make a major difference in how our leadership views collector vehicles. And, not only will you be investing in the future of the hobby, but you’ll also have a chance to win your very own pop-up tent customized with your club logo!

      The Reach-A-Rep Contest runs now through August 31, 2008. To register your club, or to learn more about legislative issues in your state, give us a call at 888-310-8020 option #6.

      Rory Carroll
      Legislative Resource Director
      Hagerty Plus

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