Guitars of the Blues Challenge

The guitars of the blues are as varied as the musicians who played them. Can you match these famous guitarists to their instruments of choice? Add your answers and suggested additions to the list to the comments section below.

 1. Gibson ES-355 A. Muddy Waters      
 2. Fender Stratocaster B. Lead Belly
 3. Fender Telecaster C. Chuck Berry
 4. Fender Mustang D. Jimmy Page
 5. Gibson SG     E. Robert Johnson
 6. Gibson Les Paul     F. Albert Collins
 7. Gibson L-1 Acoustic G. Taj Mahal
 8. Gibson Firebird  H. Johnny Winter
 9. Martin 12 String Acoustic  I. Howlin’ Wolf
 10. National Steel Guitar J. Jimi Hendrix
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