Clean and Shiny: Griot’s Garage Speed Shine® and Paint Cleaning Clay

Griot’s Garage has long taken the lead in both manufacturing and testing innovative car care products that are both effective and fun to use. And so it is with two of their better known products which work particularly well in tandem– Speed Shine® and Paint Cleaning Clay. Speed Shine® is a classic quick spray detailer that’s ideal for removing light soil from painted panels and leaves behind a nice gloss. But for more heavily soiled paint, some greater form of surface preparation is necessary. That’s where the body clay comes in. Griot’s gives you about twice as much as everyone else, it comes in a jar you can reseal, and the stuff truly resembles bright yellow modeling clay. It’ll easily do about three smaller cars. Using it couldn’t be simpler. You just spray on some Speed Shine® and gently rub the clay forward and backward on your car’s body panels. The clay removes any debris from tree sap to overspray and any other contaminants and leaves an insanely smooth surface behind ready to protect your finish with the product of your choice including Griot’s very fine Best of Show Wax®. In addition to being genuinely fun to use, Griot’s Paint Cleaning Clay is highly effective. We couldn’t recommend it more. For more information or to order, go to .

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