A Frenchman loved the Mustang so much he made a Bullitt clone

Finding just the right car had escaped Frenchman Jacques Jenn. That is, until a phone call came through offering exactly what he was looking for. It was a 1968 Ford Mustang GT fastback, and it was full of opportunity. Not everyone can be so lucky as to have the real Bullitt Mustang, but Jenn had visions of creating his own.

As Jenn shares in the latest Petrolicious production, after the iconic American car was shipped to France, his hard work began. He spent two years working early mornings and late nights—without pausing from his day job—to meticulously restore the Mustang as a tribute to the beloved Highland Green hero car that Steve McQueen abused in Bullitt. And wouldn’t you know it, the car was finished in time to serve as getaway car for Jenn’s wedding.

Jenn found the project rewarding, especially when it came to involving his son in the project. After a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, the two can be proud of this well-earned labor of love, even the younger isn’t just yet allowed to drive. But we imagine when the time comes, he’ll be taking his driver’s test in the coolest car the instructor will have ever seen.

Through lots of hard work and family support, Jenn now has the Mustang he always wanted. If he’s lucky, he might even find a black Charger to chase.

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