Griot’s fire extinguishers are a garage essential

Anyone who has ever owned an old car knows the wisdom of keeping a fire extinguisher or two handy. Whether it’s suspect wiring, oil or gasoline leaking onto something hot, or less-than-judicious use of starting fluid, the possible ignition and accelerant points are manifold in an old car, particularly those of the British persuasion. Even a minor fire can turn into major damage if you’re using a garden hose or, worse, an old chemical-style extinguisher.

Griot’s Garage has been one of the leaders in marketing truly efficient and safe fire extinguishers that use Halotron gas to extinguish a fire. Because it’s a colorless gas that does the work, you don’t have to worry about damage or a mess from powders or water, and you can stick to repairing the root cause of the conflagration and the (hopefully) minor damage caused by the heat and flame.

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