Answer of the Week: Your favorite car magazines

Over time the most innocuous of routines become ritual. These habits evolve to a level of importance completely out of proportion with the actual deed. Personally, reading car magazines began about 10 years before I could legally drive. I use the term ‘read’ loosely – photos of shiny paint and top speed figures captivated me. To this day I remember a Motor Trend cover that featured a black helicopter, black Lamborghini and a stylish woman wearing a black leather jacket. The headline read “Countach races Chopper.” I was 11 years old when that magazine hit newsstands in October, 1986, and hooked on car monthlies for life.

It seems that many of you experienced similar indelible moments.

This week we asked our Facebook fans about their favorite car magazines and how long they’ve been subscribing. And like mine, many of their habits have been lifelong, sometimes, as for Chris Breeden, “Before I could read I remember looking at the pictures.” Sounds familiar.

Breeden’s magazine of choice, Rod & Custom, was a common favorite among our fans. Dave Demmin also subscribed “before I was old enough to drive.” Sadly, shrinking advertising revenues spelled Rod & Custom’s doom. The last issue was published in October, 2014.

Hot Rod was popular among our readers as well. Bob Patterson said he’s been subscribing since 1948, the year it was founded. Tony Martin’s mom used it as a teaching tool – she realized that he’d read if interested in the subject matter. Mom was right. “I couldn’t wait until each issue would arrive!” Martin said.

Mainstream mags like Road & Track and Car and Driver were also mentioned, as were smaller publications such as Classic Motorsports, Star (the Mercedes-Benz Club of America’s magazine) and CARtoons.

Thus silly childhood habits became lifetime passions and customs. And in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday that just passed, we’re thankful that somebody, Dana Casko, also mentioned Hagerty. Even if it was just for our large type.

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