How do you document the history of your classic?

Documentation of a classic vehicle can be a deciding factor for the next owner, whether it is exhaustive maintenance records or the ability to trace ownership history to the original purchase. It is also great for the current caretaker of a vehicle to have a timeline of the work done or the memories created.

There are many options for keeping the history of your vehicle in one place. With a project or restorationwhere you mainly want to document the original state of the car, along with the amount and quality of the work completeda photo log is typically best. This can be as high tech or low tech as you want, from starting an Instagram account that is dedicated to that vehicle or an assortment of printed photographs in a binder that stays with the car.

For a survivor or finished restoration, a combination of photos and paper records can put the history of a vehicle in one handy place. A service like Classic Car Legacy even offers assistance to locate additional documentation and create a professional book.

A very savvy owner could also create a video collection that captures their story with the car in a unique and powerful way. Video has the capability of allowing the owner to tell their story in the first person and capture the emotion that a particular car has created for them.

 Those are just a few options, but we want to hear from you. How do you maintain the history of your classic? Let us know below.

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