Dana and his ’65 Mustang

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Hi Hagerty:

My name is Dana and I am an Insurance Agent near Pittsburgh, PA. I am fairly new to the hobby (my wife calls it “obsession”) of classic cars. I have owned a 1965 Ford Mustang for about 1 1/2 years and started insuring it with Hagerty in March of 2007. I added the Hagerty Plus coverage shortly thereafter and unfortunately had an occasion to use it (on the Friday of Labor Day weekend no less!).

There is a weekly car cruise in Wexford, PA about 25 miles from my home which I have attended three or four times a summer. It’s a fairly large car show averaging roughly 1000 cars per week. When I added the Hagerty Plus coverage to my policy, I chose the 50-mile limit thinking that the farthest away the car goes from my home is usually Wexford. Sure enough, on the way home from the Wexford cruise I lost all electrical power in the car and it stopped running as I was entering the PA Turnpike. I called Hagerty and a flatbed tow was dispatched to take my baby home.

What really struck me and my wife as we stood outside the car waiting for the tow was the kindness of strangers coming back from the show we had just left. Two people (in vintage Mustangs, no less) pulled over and not only asked if we were all right, but after hearing my problem tried to jump the car’s battery. Unfortunately, the alternator had died and we were unable to keep power going. At least two other people stopped and asked if we needed assistance.

The tow arrived and hitched up the Mustang and dropped it off right in my driveway. I was impressed with the timeliness and professionalism of the service; especially during a holiday weekend!

Sometimes you can learn things from unfortunate events. In this case I was resold on the Hagerty Plus coverage and reminded of how nice people in this hobby truly are.

Dana from Beaver Falls, PA

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