Cool cars for less than $5K

Popular perception has long been that collector cars are an expensive luxury and only for the wealthy. In reality, the average collector car can be had for $25,000 to $35,000 with rare exceptions ranging in the hundreds of thousands or millions. However, there are lots of really cool and unique cars out there that can be had for under $5,000.

Below are Hagerty’s picks of “The Top Ten ATM Autos,”* as featured on The leading collectible car price guide, Hagerty’s Cars that Matter, has determined the approximate value of each vehicle.

*The term “ATM Autos” was coined by Hagerty’s Rob Sass in his new book, “Ran When Parked: Advice and Adventures from the Affordable Underbelly of Car Collecting.” Sass oversees production of Hagerty’s magazine and is Hagerty’s Senior Manager for Media Services.

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