Car Show Dangers


Car Covered: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396

What went wrong: The customer took his car to a local show and lifted the hood for interested viewers. He left the vehicle unattended while he went to look at other cars. When he returned, he discovered his hood was no longer up.

Damage: Minor body damage to the hood and front end, chipped paint.

Cause: An unknown person, in an attempt to close the hood, slammed it too hard.

Hagerty to the rescue! Hagerty paid $600 to have the car repaired at the shop of the owner’s choice.

Prevention Tip: Never leave your car unattended without it being locked, with the windows up and the hood down. Collector car events are full of respectful enthusiasts who always abide by “look but don’t touch,” but there are also plenty of newcomers who may not yet understand show etiquette. When your car is vulnerably on display, consider staying by its side. If you decide to walk around for a bit, close up shop. You may also consider investing in a sign reminding viewers that they are welcome to enjoy your car from a safe distance.


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