Car Kid Bedroom

For most of us, it started out this way. Plastic Models, Slot Cars, Hot Wheels — they were the gate way drug to the real thing later in life. You want your old stuff back? So do we. Unlike O.J. Simpson, you don’t have to pull a gun on someone to get it. You just need to know where to look.

Model Car kits: Reissues of classic kits and some N.O.S. kits are still at your corner hobby shop. $8–$60

Slot car racetrack: Aurora and TYCO HO slot car sets from the ’70s are still yard sale and eBay staples. Other than the plastic guard rails, there’s little to break; most still work fine. $25–$60

Amaze-a-mat ics: These pre-R/C programmable cars used punch cards to make them run in basic patterns. About $50 on eBay for a nice one in the box.

Evel Knievel: Everyone’s favorite windup action figure. When Evel wasn’t in action, he was in traction. $125 mint on eBay.

Hot wheeLs case: The iconic rally wheel-shaped carrying case. Antique stores, yard sales and eBay. About $20 empty.

Car magazines: Get back the issues your Civics teacher confiscated. $3–$10

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