Brake hoses are a sensible upgrade for your Jag

Jaguar E-Types (particularly from Series II on) were known for having brakes that were quite effective. Four wheel discs with the rears mounted inboard and servo assist were remarkably advanced for the early 1960s. Unfortunately, as these systems age, their effectiveness and safety can go down the drain. Brake hoses can be the Achilles heel of any system, and it can be doubly scary because it isn’t always apparent from the outside that the hoses are shot.

XKs Unlimited now offers a great solution that promises to be a lifetime fix — they manufacture their own line of Teflon/braided stainless steel flex brake hoses not only for E-Types, but also for the XK 120, 140 and 150 all the way through the Series III E-Type. The lines don’t expand under hard braking and are far more durable than rubber.

When your personal safety — not to mention your car’s performance — is at stake, it’s a sensible upgrade.

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