Bisimoto’s Porsche 930 has 850 (somehow manageable) horses

You might already be familiar with Bisomoto’s insane four-cylinder builds, including the 1000-hp all-wheel drive 1991 Honda Civic wagon, the equally powerful 2014 Honda Odyssey minivan, or various extreme turbo Hyundais made for SEMA. But Bisi Ezerioha’s tuning company has also built a center-seat 986 Boxster for the track, as well as this blue wonder: a 1975 Porsche 930 with a water-cooled 3.4-liter flat-six from 2001. Despite its outrageous power, this mix-and-match 911 is actually quite clever.

Bought in 2007, this has been Bisi’s first six-cylinder engine build, let alone Porsche. The story began with a busted 996 engine, which got rebuilt with Bisomoto internals and a pair of 57-mm billet turbochargers. Sequential injection and the latest turbo boost control unit means the car will only run 18 psi for 850 horsepower at certain speeds, while for cruising, it will settle for 500.

There’s also a 50:50 ethanol-water injection system onboard, along with upgraded 2004 Carrera manual brakes, the six-speed manual of a 997, and a full six-point cage. The rest of the interior is done RS-style, with bucket seats and the always nice Momo Prototipo steering wheel connected to the stock 1975 steering rack.

Bisimoto's Porsche 930
Instagram / Bisi Ezerioha

Once you managed to take your eyes off the exposed turbos, you may also notice the modern headlights, the 17-inch wheels of Magnus Walker design, the single fender mirror à la 550 Spyder, the sunroof delete, and the IROC-homage rear wing, which sometimes gets replaced for a true Kaido Racer item seen above.

In a car weighing just 2400 pounds, 850 horsepower may sound like a lot, but Bisi Ezerioha knows how to tame the fire. Jay Leno, unsurprisingly, had his own take on it which you can dive into above.

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