Barrett Jackson Auction Bidder Tips


Be prepared before and during the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction, January 25-30, 2005.  Experts at the Barrett Jackson Auction Company offered us the following tips for auction bidders to help make your auction experience smooth, stress-free and fun:

REGISTER EARLY! You may register at any time prior to or during the event. If your application and other registration materials are received, approved and processed prior to the event,  your credentials will be held on-site at “Will-Call” in the Auction Office. Registration continues throughout the event, but be ready to wait in line.



  • Bidder Check-In
  • Car Consignment and Cashier
  • Financing—MBNA Booth
  • Insurance—Hagerty Insurance Booth
  • Leasing—Putnam Booth
  • BJ and AAA Concierge Desk

3.  HOW TO BE A BETTER BIDDER: Go to the Bidder Arena at least 15 cars ahead of the one you’re interested in to learn from other bidders.  Each car rolls over the auction block approximately every 3 minutes.

  • Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions!!!  Barrett-Jackson staff are located in the auction office and throughout the auction grounds to help you.  Look for the “Information” Booths set up both inside and outside the auction tent.
  • Use the auction staff. The Auction Ringmen can help you ensure that your bid is recognized by the Auctioneer.Bidder staff can also help you with general questions.
  • Sports Car Market Magazine is offering a Barrett Jackson Insider’s Seminar to be held from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., Thursday 1/27, Friday 1/28 and Saturday 1/29 mornings. Participants will be part of an exclusive, intimate group that will participate in no-holds-barred discussions of the collector car market as well as hands-on examinations of cars that are going to cross the block. The theme of this year’s seminar is “Making Cents of Your Hobby: How to Buy Right So You Can Sell Right.” Visit for more information and to sign up for this excellent, educational seminar. HPN members save $75 on registration! For more information, contact David Slama, toll-free at 877-219-2605, ext. 206, or email

4.  WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU PURCHASE A VEHICLE:  When you participate in the bidding process and your bid is successful, you immediately become the new owner of the vehicle as soon as the auctioneer’s hammer falls and the “Sold” announcement is made.

  • THE CONTRACT OF SALE:   In the Auction Arena, a Ringman will present you with a Contract of Sale, which requires your signature and Bidder number.  Be ready to show your Bidder paddle/credentials.
  • PAYMENT:  You are required to pay for the vehicle on the day of the sale. The 8% (Eight Percent) Buyer’s Premium is calculated and added to the Hammer Price. The buyer is responsible for payment of this premium, as well as all applicable fees and taxes, at time of payment. You can choose from at least one of the following:
  1. Personal or Business (Dealer) Check
  2. Cashier’s Check(s)
  3. 10% Cash Advance Deposit of your Bid Limit
  4. MBNA Auction card or Putnam Leasing

$300 paid Bidder Registration Fee is credited towards your first paid vehicle purchase.

  • BILL OF SALE:  To complete the Bill of Sale, you must also provide the following at time of payment: Bill of Lading and Proof of Insurance.If you are a registered automotive dealer you will need a current (2004) copy of your Dealer’s License as well as State Tax ID/Resale number and Receipt of Title.
  • RELEASE OF VEHICLE:  When the purchase, payment method and title processing is complete, keys to the vehicle will be released to the buyer. Barrett-Jackson gate staff will verify the buyer’s copy of the Bill of Sale, as well as the vehicle’s VIN number, before the buyer is allowed to remove the vehicle from the auction site. Vehicles must be removed from the site no later than 72 hours following the completion of the sale.

Good Luck!
Please contact Barrett-Jackson at (480) 421-6694 with any additional questions or if you need further information or instructions, or visit  They’ll be happy to help you.

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