Auto intervention?

We’ve all seen it: a potentially great old car sinking under the weight of an unsympathetic or even downright abusive owner. Case in point, this black Alfa Romeo GTV6 found by Hagerty magazine Publisher Rob Sass and Executive Editor Jonathan Stein on the streets of Portland, Ore.

The GTV6 was a development of the Alfetta GT Sprint, only in place of the old twin cam four-cylinder, Alfa inserted its new quad-cam V-6 with predictably positive results. Most have rusted away or died in the hands of uncaring owners, which is where this example seems to be heading.

The sad thing here is the fact that someone clearly cared about this car at one time. There’s shiny (possibly original) black paint under the filth, straight sides and no rust – not even around the back window, which is highly unusual for this model. In contrast to the normally cooked and coming apart interiors found in these cars, what we could see from the outside (an expired temp tag, yellowed newspapers and plastic grocery bags littered the inside) was quite nice.

Which leads us to the question, why the hell was somebody using this fine Italian GT as a dumpster? Have you seen anything similarly heartbreaking lately? Should we track down the owner here and stage an intervention?

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