Ask Hagerty Concierge Service a Big Hit

The “Ask Hagerty” Concierge Service was started to help customers get answers to questions on anything collector-car related. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll help find it for you. Here are a few questions recently asked.

Q. I am planning on swapping disc brakes from a 1970 Charger to my ’69 Charger. The brake hoses are too short, and I’ve received advice (from a parts guy) to use ’73-’74 brake hoses. What do you think?

A. Concierge Offers: Take extreme care in brake conversions. Follow the advice of your parts person. Then put your car on body hoist, turn the wheels full lock to lock and ensure there is no binding or touching of the front hoses on both sides. Then test the car brakes in a controlled situation, like a parking lot close by, before going out on the road. Alternately, you can have a professional do the conversion – but you will pay a professional price.

Q. I use a certain product to polish my car safely? I have a $10,000 paint job on it.

A. Concierge Offers: Try to contact the original painter. If you can’t locate the original painter, try a product in a hidden area until you’re comfortable with a product you like, first try a product in a hidden area.

Q. I have a 1962 Chevrolet with a gold interior. Someone said this is 40th Anniversary car, but of what?

A. Concierge Offers: It’s a 50th Anniversary car, celebrating 50 years of Chevrolet. The first Chevrolet built was in 1912.

Q. I have a 1962 Ford with 406/405hp V-8 and 4-speed. I met a retired Ford executive at a car show recently and he said it is worth $125-$150,000. How many built?

A. Concierge Offers: Our resources don’t give us a breakdown, but this car is very rare. However, the Old Cars Price Guide doesn’t allow enough for this rare combination. You may want to contact Benson Ford Research Center (which is located at the Henry Ford Museum) for the number built and get a professional appraisal on the car before upgrading its value. They’re at 313-982-6070 or

Q. I am in the process of buying an MG TF in the U.K. Can Hagerty provide insurance for it?

A. Concierge Offers: Just contact the Hagerty U.K. office at 011-44-08700-420-220 or visit They can talk to you about your MG TF and what type of coverage you can get.

Q. What tire size do I use on my ’57 T-bird with non-stock 15” wheels instead of 14”? I want wide-whitewalls but radials, has spoke wheels.

A. Concierge Offers:  There are modern – P195/75R15 or P205/70R15 – or 6:70-15 if old-style. To get these, check with Coker Tire at 800-251-6336 or (FYI: 15” wheels were used on ’55-’56 T-birds.)

Q. I can’t find a re-builder, a rebuild kit or parts for my 1967 Austin-Healey “dynamo” (12-volt DC generator)… Help!
A.Concierge Offers: We found a company called Tribhuvan in New Delhi, India, that manufactures brand-new Lucas 12-volt “dynamos.” Feel free to contact them at 011-91-9810528848 or

Contact the Concierge with your questions at 888-310-8020, menu option 3 or


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    I am having a difficult time finding body side moulding clips for my 1961 Chevrolet Impala 4 door sport. Specifically the push in clips for the front fender moulding that is about 1 1/2 inches wide. Any help will be appreciated.

    I’m going to list my 2018 Focus RS for sale. Can I set a reserve price on your auction site? Is there a fee for your auction service?


    Good Afternoon:
    I am planning on swopping out the front straight axle of my 1953 GMC 100 with a Mustang II conversion kit. Could you please inform me which kit you would recommend?
    Thank you for your cooperation.

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