2018 Amelia Island kid judges say the darndest things

Winners of the 2018 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance may get to celebrate with a big ribbon and lots of champagne, but only the Hagerty Youth Judges can place the coveted kid stamp of approval. This year’s panel of kid judges were out in force, weighing in on a selection of five classic cars on the lawn at the Amelia Island concours. Their votes recognized three top entrants, and they crowned a definitive first-place winner.

Whether the kids were ogling engines, savoring an exhaust note, or admiring pre-war design their poignant remarks and discerning tastes represent the next generation of car enthusiasts. For once, we’ll shut up and let the kids do the talking.

2018 Amelia Island Youth Judging
Sabrina Hyde

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1931 Mercedes-Benz SSK Sport/2

1931 Mercedes-Benz SSK
1931 Mercedes-Benz SSK Brandan Gillogly

“Because it had never been restored, it was so old and cool.” -Margie, 8

“I liked the story of the Mercedes, even though it was a little rusty.” -Alexis, 10

1961 Beatnik Bandit I

1961 Beatnik Bandit
1961 Beatnik Bandit Brandan Gillogly
2018 Amelia Island Youth Judges example the 1961 Beatnik Bandit
Sabrina Hyde

“It looks like something from outer space!” Lydia, 12

“The bubble is a cool, futuristic design. It’s like a Hot Wheels car.” -Carolynn, 14

“The engine in the bubble car was cool because of how huge it is!” -Ethan, 7

1959 Lister Jaguar Sports Racer (3rd Place)

2018 Amelia Island Youth Judging 1959 Lister-Jaguar
1959 Lister-Jaguar Sabrina Hyde
1959 Lister-Jaguar
1959 Lister-Jaguar Brandan Gillogly

“It was really low, so I think it looked really cool.” -Ethan, 7

1910 Packard Model 30 Limousine (2nd Place)

1910 Packard Model 30 limousine
1910 Packard Model 30 limousine Brandan Gillogly
2018 Amelia Island Youth Judging
Sabrina Hyde

“That was my second-favorite car. I think it was in great shape after they restored it.” -Cade, 11

“The interior was fancy and unique. I liked the wheels too, especially the one on the side. It looked special.” -Alexis, 10

1985 Lancia Delta S4 Group B (1st Place)

Youth Judges with a 1985 Lancia
Youth Judges with a 1985 Lancia Sabrina Hyde
all smiles behind the wheel
Sabrina Hyde

“I feel like Jeremy Clarkson in an episode of Top Gear. I finally reached my goal!” -Cal, after climbing into the driver’s seat.

“I love that flames shot out of it.” -Ethan, 7

How much would a kid buy it for? “I’ll pay $5 billion.” -Sebastian, 7

“The livery and styling were amazing.” -Hugh, 12


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