A Droptop, a Hotel and a Vandal

Car: 1951 Ford Convertible
What Went Wrong: The car’s owner was attending a car event and parked the car outside the hotel where he was staying. In the morning, he went out to his car to discover that someone had sliced the convertible’s top during the night.
Damage: A ruined soft top
Cause: The vehicle was left out in the open in the hotel’s unsecured parking lot.
Don’t Let it Happen to You: Unfortunately, it’s not possible to babysit your car 24 hours a day. And we all know that there are kooky people who simply have no respect for the property of others, but there are a few things you can do.
  • First, put a fitted, breathable, waterproof car cover on your car at night. Sure someone can cut through it, but a brown cloth lump with four wheels sticking out is less enticing than a fully-restored 1951 Ford droptop.
  • Also, if staying at a hotel or resort, park your car as close to the front door as possible, or at least under a lamppost.
  • Finally, tell hotel security about your car, and they’ll generally keep an eye on it.
There’s no 100 percent solution to malicious mischief, but doing these few things can tilt the odds in your favor.
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