A Car Coddler Story

Hi ho! Cheerio! The lively banter repeated back and forth between the waiters, waitresses and the diners at the Medieval Feast at Riverside Inn in Pennsylvania.

The wait staff mingled with the guests when they dished a delicious salad onto a wooden board and threw a large loaf of warm bread at my husband Mike. No silverware was allowed with our meal.

Then our very-endowed waitress transformed herself into Queen Elizabeth. The knights and damsels sang and danced their ways into our hearts.

My favorite was when they changed the lyrics of “Big Spender” to “Pig Tender.” Servings, singing, dancing and more food followed throughout the evening. When a whole stuffed chicken was dropped onto our wooden boards, we were ready to explode.

The antiques all over Riverside Inn were wonderful to view. Of course, the Car Coddler president, wife and tour planners enjoyed the Presidential Suite, complete with television. Next year, you might want to plan the car tour so you can enjoy all the amenities.

Henn Museum, Packard Museum and a private collection of cars offered plenty for everyone. Even though our trip ended with wet passengers when our convertible leaked, we are ready for next year. Hope you will join us wherever our classic cars travel.

– Janice Hoffbauer


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