Your Concours d’Lemons Michigan 2018 “Winners”

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The Concours d’Lemons at the 2018 Concours of America was a rousing success, if your definition of success means there were no serious injuries. Better still, the groundskeeping staff at the host site, The Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, Michigan, didn’t kick anyone out. 

 The jokes, of course, are part of the spirit of Lemons. Everyone who brought a car out to display did so out of passion for their car. And some of those people went home with relatively-cheap awards and prize bags. We’ve listed all 15 (15? What are these, participation trophies?), with an larger gallery at the bottom of the article. The names have been omitted to protect bad judgement.

Worst of Show: 1949/50 Rat Rod/Hearse

concours lemons worst of show michigan 2018
Worst of Show, if you couldn't tell.
concours lemons michigan 2018 worst
Note the high-tech LED lights.

bottle cap headliner concours lemons michigan 2018
Those are bottle caps on the ceiling.
concours lemons michigan 2018 hearse casket
The best seat in this car is already taken.


Rust Belt American Junk (GM): 1987 Pontiac Fiero

Fiero concours lemons michigan 2018
Another Fiero best left alone.
pontiac fiero gambler 500 concours lemons st johns michigan 2018
Confused? Look up the Gambler 500 in a search engine.

Rust Belt American Junk (Ford): 1951 Ford Shoebox

ford shoebox conours lemons plymouth mi 2018
Winner, Rust Belt Americna Junk (Ford): 1951 Fod Shoebox
ford shoebox interior bench seat plaid lemons concours
Nice plaid. No, really, we mean it.

Rust Belt American Junk (Other): 1972 Dodge Coronet Wagon

Dodge coronet wagon concours lemons michigan 2018
The triangle badge on the Dodge Coronet is so other Dodges can pretend it's not one of them.
dodge coronet wagon blue seats leather concours lemons
Genuine Smurf-hide interior.

coronet wagon rear 2018 concous lemons michigan
We've run out of caption ideas. This is a wagon.
dodge coronet wagon wayback seat blue concours lemons
The way-back seat, land of mischief and banishment.

Rueful Britannia: 1973 Triumph Stag

1973 triumph stag concours lemons 2018
Winner, Rueful Britannia: 1973 Triumph Stag
triumph stag interior concours lemons 2018
The Bluetooth speaker as a stereo is a sure sign of Lemons cred.

Soul Sucking Japanese Appliance: 1988 Suzuki Samurai

1988 suzuki samurai lifted convertible concours lemons
Winner, Soul Sucking Japanese Appliance: 1988 Suzuki Samurai
1988 suzuki samurai interior lemons michigan 2018
CB Radio is handy for calling a tow.

Unmitigated Gaul: 1992 Puegeot 505 DL Wagon

peugeot 505 wagon concours lemons michigan 2018
The Peugeot won the French category by being the only French car to show up. True excellence!
peugeot 505 dl wagon concours st johns 2018
Appropriate vanity plate.

Swedish Meatballs: 1994 Saab Convertible

Saab convertible concours lemons michigan 2018
Winner, Swedish Meatballs: 1994 Saab 900 S convertible
saab lemons concours 2018 michigan
It's like active suspension, but for your engine parts and not good.

saab 900 convertible interior concours d lemons michigan 2018
Saab 900 convertible interior.
saab 900 convertible rear lemons michigan 2018
The power antenna doesn't retract. Lemons Judges look favorbly on this sort of thing.

Der SelfSatisifiedKrautenWagon: 1966 VW Beetle

1966 beetle green concours lemons michigan 2018
Winner, Der SelfSatisifiedKrautenWagon: 1966 Volkswagen Beetle

Kommunist Kar: 1976 Lada 2101

lada orange concours d lemons 2018 michigan
It's a Lada!
lada 2012 interio concours d lemons 2018
1976 Lada 2102 interior

lada 2102 concours d lemons st johns michigan 2018
Allegedly the Construction Orange spray paint on this Lada was a perfect match to the original hue.
lada 2102 speedometer concours lemons 2018
The Lada has a speedometer, and not much else.

Sight for Sour Eyes: 1997 Alfa Spider

1997 alfa romeo spider concours d lemons michigan 2018
90's style meets classic Alfa Romeo reliability
alfa romeo spider concours d lemons 2018 michigan
Twin Spark does not mean redundancy, in case you were wondering.

Chronic Dick Teague Syndrome: 1982 AMC Concord Wagon

saab concours lemons michigan 2018
Winner, Chronic Dick Teague Syndrome: 1982 AMC Concord Wagon

Best Back Seat: 1992 Ford F250

concours d lemons Ford F250 michigan 2018
So big we couldn't even fit it in the photo frame.

Driving on a Prayer: 1919 Franklin 9A

Franklin 9a concours lemons 2018 michigan
The Franklin's owners look like normal people, which makes it hard to explain why they drove up from Florida and are headed straight to Pebble Beach after this event.
franklin 9a rood interior concours lemons
The Franklin's roof is best described as "mostly waterproof."

franklin 9a interior seat concours lemons 2018
This is what they call "preservation class" at real car shows.
franklin 9a lemons michigan 2018 engine
Six working cylinders.

Slightly Better than a Go Kart: 1991 Honda Beat

1991 honda beat concours lemons michigan
Awarded for being slightly better than a go kart
199 honda beat zebra seats concours lemons michigan
Factory zebra-stripe seats excel at hiding stains.

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