Losses And Lessons: Accident Is A Real Crack Up, But Owner Of 1960 Lonestar Isn’t Laughing

Accidents happen. That’s why we work to ensure that our clients’ prized vessels are properly covered should disaster strike.

BOAT: 1960 Lonestar

WHAT WENT WRONG: While most boat owners operate their vessels responsibly, accidents often occur out of the water. The owner of a 1960 Lonestar was trailering his fiberglass classic back to his home when he hit a large pothole. The jolt caused the boat to shift on the trailer, causing a crack near the transom on the starboard side.

DAMAGE/LOSS: While there were no injuries, the accident caused $3,423.25 in damage. Hagerty paid the repair bill, minus a $350 deductible.

LESSON: Classic boats receive plenty of attention on the water and at shows, but your trailer also plays a vital role – one that too often is taken for granted. It’s important to transport your boat on a trailer that is specifically designed for it. Never “make do” with one that isn’t an exact fit – it will put uneven pressure on the hull and likely lead to damage. And while most boat trailers don’t have straps, it never hurts to add your own to keep your boat tight to the trailer.

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