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Failed piston and connecting rod
Wikimedia commons / Kallemax

Hey there — it’s me, the new guy on Hagerty’s block, Sajeev Mehta. In the last month I’ve published a few contributions and car styling editorials, but now it’s time for the real work: bringing my long-running “Piston Slap” column here from its previous homes.

Piston Slap’s mission is to help the Hagerty Community interact with each other on a deeper level. We will discuss topics that you, the automotive enthusiast, have questions and concerns about: troubleshooting an issue, discussing performance enhancements and maintenance, and even seeking insight into the automotive industry … any corner of the automotive industry!

I’ll take your questions, offer up my proposal, then let the reader draw their own conclusions. My track record is pretty good, but go right ahead and keep me in check when it looks like I’ve failed — because that’s how people learn. So far,I’ve had 10 years of addressing hundreds of thousands of customer concerns in automotive retail and 20+ years of mostly self-taught, shade-tree wrenching.

It only snowballs from there, so help jumpstart the series by emailing pistonslap@hagerty.com with your questions! 

With your help—and I know our talent pool is strong after reading the forums—we will make the Hagerty Community even stronger for our fans and members.

Once again, please drop me a line at pistonslap@hagerty.com and let’s get to work helping our fellow enthusiasts!

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