1970 Triumph T120 Bonneville


2-cyl. 649cc/46hp

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Model overview

Model description

Throughout the 1960s, there was always a considerable list of updates from one year to the next, but development of the Triumph T120R Bonneville 650 slowed to a crawl in 1970, which is just fine for aficionados. If there’s one must-have among classic British bikes, the 1970 Triumph T120 Bonneville is arguably it. Yes, the new Japanese entries had smooth-running multi-cylinder engines and five-speed gearboxes, and caring for them hardly required a thought, but the Triumph buyer was apt to think the Hondas, Suzukis, and Kawasakis were profanations—squatty work boots in place of sleek dancing shoes.

Besides its sleek design, a Triumph boasted illustrious heritage. The Bonneville stood upright and had a narrow aspect, thanks to the compact, air-cooled 649cc parallel-twin engine and slender 2.5-gallon tank. This year’s paint scheme changed from Olympic flame and silver to Astral red and silver, with the red tone resembling that used on 1969 TR6 models. Bordered with gold pinstriping, the silver flashed over the tank for an inspired factory-custom look. The obvious front and rear springs, twin-leading-shoe front brake, and beautiful downswept chrome pipes caused combined in a package that just looked right The small tank meant the Bonneville’s range was short, but it was a worthwhile sacrifice for the sake of style. New this year was a crankcase breather tube that emulated the one used on the Triumph T150 Trident 750. A pair of Windtone horns were added, and the passenger appreciated the grab rail that now attached to the fender stay.

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