1985 Ferrari 288 GTO

Coupe8-cyl. 2855cc/400hp FI Twin Turbo

North America


Sold May 29, 2020

Hagerty expert commentary
Our staff has reviewed this vehicle. Here are our notes.
Air conditioning, power windows, 5-spoke Ferrari modular wheels, BFGoodrich tires.
Euro spec car stolen within 2 weeks of being delivered, eventually recovered in Phoenix, returned to its German owner, Hartmut Ibing. Imported to the U.S. in 2001, federalized by JK Technologies (who curiously changed the speedo legend to miles, but left the odometer reading in kilometers.) 2018 belt service at Motion Products which also refit the original fuel pumps and ECU. Good repaint and original interior except for driver's seat bolster wear and worn through seatback piping. Now stated to have 23,555 km. Power window buttons are worn. Aged engine compartment with paint loss and frayed flexible ducting. A checkered history but with enough km on it so it can be driven without fear of the mileage detracting from its value.
Bidding stuttered along during the preview phase. On Wednesday it was at only $1.6 million with 11 bids. Bidding began in earnest only on closing day, Thursday, opening about $1.74 million with 16 bids. With fifteen minutes left it was at $1.92 million with 22 bids but it then livened up and extended to this result, ultimately closing with 29 bids, a strong result considering its theft/recovery history, highly evident use, age and mileage. This is not a coddled 288 GTO, which in itself is unusual, and a conscientious owner will want to spend some money on its preparation and appearance even after the relatively recent belt service. Its result here is pre-COVID full retail, something of an accomplishment for an online-only auction in uncertain times.
Vehicle specs
Engine TypeN/A
Transmission typeN/A
Interior ColorN/A
Exterior ColorN/A
Top ColorN/A
Seller details
RM Sotheby's
Event dateMay 28 - May 29, 2020
AuctionRM Sotheby's
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